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this father's love letter has been a wonderful instrument God gave me. It really in time for me,specially this time that i am really down. It touched my heart and made me cry how much GOD's BIG LOVE for me and HE CARES for me. Thank you!! and may our Heavenly Father continue to bless and prosper you!!!

Michelle (nickname) 

Heavenly DADDY used this video to show me that I had a hard time communicating in my heart with DADDY because I had not been healed from my perceived rejection at my birth. I had never faced that pain, never felt the pain.. and also could not feel in my heart.

In the past when I thought of my childhood, I just assumed that was all covered in the blood and didn’t deal with the lies that attached themselves to those wounds. I had shut down so much of my heart as a child that it also affected my ability to receive DADDY's love. But when I listened to Father's love letters, I started weeping when he read that Father knew me in my mother's womb.

I cannot fully explain all that is happening to my heart. But now, I am finding myself in DADDY's love.. in my heart, not only my head. DADDY used this video to set me on a path towards experiencing His amazing love. Thank you!


When I heard the narration, music and pictures of "The Father's Love Letter", it was like looking into Dad's heart. The depth of emotion I felt listening to this is far deeper than I can explain. It touched me so deeply. I felt I was his child sitting on His knee and He was telling me how much He loved me and I was responding spontaneously.

It is deeply moving and touches my spirit immensly. You cannot fail to have tears in your eyes for "Our Dad". So I thank you for helping me to have such insight to "our wonderful Daddy".


I read this letter in 2011 and gods word change the way of my life thanks


about aug.2004 after a encounter with God i went to bible college. before bible coll. i was addicted to drugs and alcohol and homeless after i was born again i found that i didn't know what love was and a good friend that seen this in me and gave me a copy of the cd Fathers love letter

i listened to every night for a long time and something wonderful happened on the inside of me i let the words take over and the miracle is i was able to gain my kids back and be a father again also my whole life has been changed and the way i see my real Father in heaven not a judge but one who only wants the best and has me in the palm of His hand thank you


hi i came across this letter about about 8 years ago and i use it in my street ministry on the street and in coffee houses it is powerful i have been in the street ministry for 32 years now and i am 73 and still on fire for JESUS GOD bless you


Thank you for the Father's Love Letter Video. It really touches me and encourages me to continuing minister to other. As a pastor, I give so much to others and sometime run out of energy. When I saw this video clip in your website it really inspires me and restores vigor to my soul. I know that I have a loving Father which is in heaven. One day I will meet him face to face in his kingdom.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing this inspirational Father’s Love Letter. I absolutely will share this video clip to all the people I witness to. Keep up the good work. May God bless your ministry.

God Bless!

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