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Please share a story specifically related to how the Father's Love Letter
has touched you or how you have used it to impact others. Please make your story
as brief as possible and do not include other people's names. Since it will be
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We have heard from thousands of people and we want to hear from you too!

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333 Entries

The Lord very graciously led my grandma to Himself,through this Fathers Love Letter video,before she died.

Thankyou God for working through this so very much,

(Thanks to you God and the people who produced,etc this,my grandma is in heaven).


The Father's Love Letter changed my life. I was in a christian program called Teen Challenge and I didn't believe God could ever love someone like me. So when i heard this letter it's like the walls of my heart fell apart and an overflow of love took over. At that moment I knew that the God of all the universe loved me not just for who I was at that time but even in my past.

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Well have been touched by this video.In our day to day busy lives we forget to seek God .My request to each and every one seek him go back to him before its too late.


The first time I heard this power full message via the radio, it made a big impact on my life as a Christian who accepted Jesus in my heart. Tears rolled down as I heard every word of this letter from my beloved Daddy God Almighty.

Since that they on the job or where ever I go, I share this power full message to whom ever I share the word of God. I print copies of this letter to my kids, friends and fellow workers on the job.

Since the day I heard the message via the radio, I always was waiting patiently to see when they will repeat it so I can heard it again. I also asked from they got the message but I couldn't get the answer. Until my beloved Daddy God Almighty realized that in my hearth the flame of desire for His true words via that beautifully message was growing, He give me the place where I could find His message. This website is a great and wonder full tool that I will do my part to share with every living being.


My Daddy died on January 6th, 2012 of a heart attack. I was always the child who needed more, financially and emotionally, from my parents and I had a great deal of guilt that I was one of the reasons he is now gone. The day of his funeral, one of his uncles approached me and asked me to come to his house- he did not tell me why, though. I had no idea what to expect!

He read me Luke 15:11-32, which is the parable of the Lost Son. This was very powerful on many levels, but not the end of my story. Fast forward 2 weeks- going through my Bible to read and bookmark verses people have given me to get through this tough time. I found a sealed envelope I got at church 2 years ago and opened it. It was this letter, which really got me emotional.

My Daddy, and my Lord were with me last night as I read this letter. There was a reason it stayed in my Bible for 2 years, never being opened- God made me save it for when I really needed it the most, and Daddy brought me to it. This letter means more to me than any person could know. It makes me cry, yes, but it makes my heart not hurt quite so much. Thank you, whoever compiled these verses to write this letter.


I have cried when I was listening to FLL. As a prodigal son I have gone back to the Father after reading this letter. I feel the relationship with the Father closer than before. What a great miracle I realized the life within me. He created me wonderfully and fearfully. I love Him more and more, and my relationship with the Father more and more intimate. We have a wonderful Father. I have send the FLL to all my friends. Thanks to the Father who inspired you to write this letter. Thank you. In Father's Love


I am having a hard time accepting that God knows who I am. I told my friend Antonia and she emailed me this site. The message is loud and clear and I am feeling a lot better about my relationship with God. I have shared this message with a couple of people both are Doctors. Their response was a tearful thank you Doug.
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